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Pastor operates mobile windshield repair business

By Candi Miell

Fas-Break, the newest windshield repair business in la Junta, is well under way and fast growing.

Operated by Brad Collins, the service repairs windshield cracks and is also a mobile service, meaning they do the job in a customer’s specified location, which provides convenient and quick service for the customers. According to Collins, the jobs only take about 30 minutes and he will even fix the window at a customer’s job site. "It is based on convenience. We try to do it within a day," Collins said.

Fas-Break provides services to areas throughout the Arkansas Valley. Collins also added that the prices don’t change even if a person lives many miles away from La Junta.

The actual repair process does not require a new windshield. Collins said that they take the existing windshield and repair it. They can fix a pinhole-sized crack to an 18-inch crack. "This repair is guaranteed for lifetime," Collins said. He also added that they can fix larger cracks, but the repair may only be temporary.

Collins received his certificate about a month ago and had to do a lot of work to get it. He said that he had three weeks of training, watched videos and spent one week working on wrecked cars, repairing the windshields.

Collins said that he would like to have the business expand into Lamar, and other surrounding areas, so that those areas can have a person available anytime of the day to repair windshields.

"Give me a call," Collins said, and also mentioned that most insurance companies will waive the deductible. Fas-Break takes all major credit cards and tries to get the job done within the next day after the customer places a call.

Fas-Break, and Collins, can be reached at 384-8444.

In Collin’ spare time he like to spend time with his family which includes wife Teri and daughter Megan. He is also pastor of the North La Junta Baptist Church.

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