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Fas-Break Windshield Repair comes to North Bend

By Chris M. Chebuhar

Dennis and Donyce Clement of North Bend recently opened a new business which will provide preventative medicine for auto and truck windshields.

In addition, the North Bend pool fund will benefit for the next six months as a portion of the money made by Fas-Break Windshield Repairs will be donated to the pool fund, Dennis said.

The Clement’s business – Fas-Break Windshield Repairs – is one of 21 such businesses in Nebraska and part of a nationwide company (Fas-Break Glass Repair Systems, Inc.) which is located in Phoenix, Ariz. The other nearest locations are in Fremont, Dennis said.

Fas-Break is a company which provides repair of both cracked an chipped windshields, with the primary benefit to the consumer being if the windshield is repaired it won’t eventually have to be replaced, thus saving insurance companies money and their policy holders, said Dennis.

In the case of most insurance companies the work Dennis does on windshields is 100 percent covered by comprehensive auto insurance and doesn’t cost the vehicle owner anything.

The Clement’s business opened in mid-April and Dennis said he is doing the windshield repair work in the evenings and on weekends, with Donyce taking his appointments and handling the related book work.

Dennis also works full-time for a pig farm northeast of the North Bend area and he and Donyce own and run the North Bend Fitness Center. They have lived in North Bend since 1987 and have two children, Matthew, 12; and Christine, 9.

As part of his hands-on training to become certified by Fas-Break to repair windshields, Dennis said he spent over a three-week period working on glass under the direction of Fas-Break area director Shannon Smith of Fremont.

Smith was the one who originally approached the Clements with the idea of locating a Fas-Break business in North Bend, Dennis said. Smith has approached the north Bend pool fund about donating some of their business receipts from the north Bend area to the pool fund and he was looking for someone to start a business location in the community, Dennis said.

Dennis said he has been friends with Smith for some time and decided Fas-Break might be a good business to bring to the North Bend area.

"It sounded like a good opportunity for us. We walked down Main Street (in North Bend) with Shannon one day and saw like 60 percent of all the cars had one to two rock chips in their windshields," Dennis said.

The demand for their new business exists in the North Bend area, Dennis said, and he hopes as more people find out about them business will continue to pick up. He also said insurance companies are very supportive of this type of work because it cuts down on the number of windshields which have to be replaced.

Fas-Break utilizes the injection process to repair chipped and cracked windshields, Dennis said, which involved injecting a resin into the glass surface.

The resin pushes the built-up air out of the crack or chip and "makes it (windshield) optically correct again," Dennis said. Repairs typically can be handled in about 30 minutes, he added.

Fixing an initial crack (up to 18 inches long) or the first chip in a windshield is the key to saving the windshield from having to be eventually replaced, he added.

"Ninety percent of cracked windshields all start from on rock chip. If we can get people to start from on rock chip. If we can get people to take care of that first rock chip we can not only save people money but save insurance companies money as it will keep their premiums lower," Dennis said.

The North Bend pool fund will benefit from now until November from the Clement’s new business as $5.00 or 10 percent of each repair bill from North Bend business will be donated to the pool fund.

For those motorists who don’t have comprehensive coverage, Dennis said charges$40 for the first rock chip (or crack) and up to $76 to repair four rock chips or a chip with up to an 18-inch long crack.

These charges are in comparison to the average cost of a new windshield, which is roughly $300, Dennis pointed out.

As the public becomes more aware of the fact windshields can be repaired (the work has been done since 1974 and has been a separate industry since 1978) Clement thinks his business will continue to grow. He also said he hopes one day it develops into a full-time business.

"We’re hoping as people find out about it they’ll realize they have all the reasons to get it (their windshield) fixed and no reasons not to get it fixed," Dennis said.

North Bend’s Fas-Break Windshield Repair can be reached by phoning 652-3677.

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