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Proud To Be Here

Shannon & Dorothy Smith and their two daughters, Jessica and Jamie, like the Scottsbluff/Gering Valley. They moved here 10 years ago from Kimball. Shannon is a native of Northern California and Dorothy is a Nebraskan thru and thru from Kimball.

Shannon has been in sales most of his life and Dorothy works as an L.P.N. in the Geriatrics Dept. at Heritage Health Care. Jessica is in her first year at middle school where her horizons are being shaped by such things as band, woodshop, computer and all her new friends. Jamie is in the 4th grade at Lincoln Heights and enjoys school, sports and piano.

Shannon started working for Glass Patch in Kimball and after six months he bought Glass Patch and worked the Novus method of repair. Shannon parted company with Novus in 1989 and became a Fas-Break windshield repair representative. Shannon is now the advanced training instructor for Fas-Break Glass Repair Inc. and owns the distributorship for all of Nebraska and parts of Iowa and also is setting up distributorships in this region.

Like any business Shannon believes they need to continue to strive to produce the best in customer service. Fas-Break would like to and is planning to be in a retail setting in the future, but the mobile service is most convenient for the customer. Fas-Break has two representatives: Bill Mize and Ralph Thompson.

The Smiths believe in the traditional family values, to honor God & serve in the community. To be involved with their children in the hope of making a better tomorrow. In such a fast pace society we must take time to stop & smell the roses & out children are the roses, who will blossom into our future if we nurture and protect them.

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